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Bi-National Partnership

What is the Lake Huron Bi-National Partnership?

The Lake Huron Bi-National Partnership was formed in 2002 to meet commitments in the Canada-United States Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement for lake-wide management. The Partnership facilitates information sharing, sets priorities, and coordinates bi-national environmental protection and restoration activities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Environment Canada, Michigan Departments of Natural Resources and Environmental Quality, and the Ontario Ministries of Environment and Natural Resources form the core of the Partnership.

The Partnership promotes a flexible membership which may include all levels of government, Métis, Tribes, First Nations, environmental non-government organizations and the public. These broader partnerships take on initiatives on an issue by issue basis that cannot be accomplished by individual agencies alone.

The Lake Huron Bi-National Partnership is an effort that focuses on key priorities and on the ground actions that help to improve and protect the overall quality of Lake Huron. The Partnership’s 2013 Annual Report provides information on the following topics:

  • Accomplishments: Controlling non-point source pollution in the Lake Huron watershed; Improving Lake Huron fish spawning and nursery habitat
  • Challenges: Lake Huron water levels; Controlling the invasive common reed (Phragmites)
  • Next Steps: Analyzing and reporting on results from the Lake Huron Cooperative Science and Monitoring Initiative (2012); Coordinating Lake Huron restoration efforts and implementing the Lake Simcoe/South-eastern Georgian Bay Clean-Up Fund and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative
  • Contacts: Information on how to obtain more detailed information on any of the Partnership activities.

We encourage you to learn more about Lake Huron and the collaborative approaches taken to understand its ecosystem, how we are protecting high quality areas and restoring areas that have been degraded. For more information please visit binational.net and Lake Huron-Georgian Bay Watershed.

Source: Environment Canada

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